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Attractive interactive content for online lessons with impact

What can I do for you?


Do you need someone with a clear vision on mobile learning? Someone that can translate your educational challenges into a solid learning plan? Are you looking for someone who can guide you through the world of authoring tools, LMS or website possibilities for online training? Stella Blokpoel Blended Learning can offer you the best learning solution.


You want to make an awesome interactive e-learning module on a specific topic. You have your own LMS in place and need a specialist to develop script and design in Articulate Storyline or Rise. Stella Blokpoel Blended Learning can make your content come to life in a versatile online training, with a didactical approach that is both appealing and effective.


Do you want to set up an online training via your own website? Are you an independent specialist (just like me!) with content to share? Stella Blokpoel can help you transform your website into a course selling platform. Mobile first. Stella Blokpoel also offers online lessons off- the-shelf. Topics are Growth Mindset, Agile working and the Customer journey. These are generic lessons that you can customize for your own audience.

What do I do?

Designing interactive content is my specialty. Originally a copywriter, I am now an e-learning specialist delivering high quality content. I design spot-on learning solutions for every field. I start with identifying the target audience and the learning goals that have to be achieved. Interactivity and visual attractiveness is a must for every leaning solution I develop. I combine this with a didactical approach: the learner has to really learn something!

Stella Blokpoel